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Fast & reliable screening of moles and skin lesions

Results provided by consultant dermatologists

utilising the latest dermatological care

Ensures early detection and treatment



Modern dermatology has advanced significantly, with technologies like dermoscopy and digital mole mapping improving the accuracy of mole assessments. These tools allow dermatologists to examine moles in greater detail and accurately track changes over time. Regular check-ups ensure you benefit from these technological advancements, enhancing the early detection and prevention of skin issues.


Incorporating regular mole checks into your health routine is a simple yet vital step in maintaining your well-being. With the rising incidence of skin cancer, staying vigilant about skin changes is more important than ever. By prioritising regular mole examinations, you are taking a proactive approach to your health, ensuring early detection and treatment of potential skin issues, gaining peace of mind, and benefiting from the latest in dermatological care. Your skin is your body’s largest organ—take care of it, and it will take care of you.



How are the images taken?

We will take images of your mole or skin lesion using a specialist, medical grade camera called a “dermoscope”. It uses light and magnification to help a dermatologist see how your skin looks in more detail than you would be able to see with a naked eye or normal camera. The detailed images will make it easier to spot abnormalities that may require further investigation or diagnostic tests. 

What will you do with the images? 

Once we’ve taken images of your mole, we will send them to Map My Mole for review. Map My Mole is a third party service provider we use to obtain an indicative opinion from a consultant dermatologist regarding your mole or skin lesion. The consultant will review the images and prepare a report for us so we can advise you on next steps.

What information will you share with Map My Mole? 

We need to send some of your personal information, including your name, contact details and some medical information (including the images we take of your mole) to Map My Mole when we submit the images for review. You can find Map My Mole’s privacy policy on their website at, or we can email you a link to it.

When will I get the results? 

Images are usually reviewed within 48 hours after we submit them for review, but it may take longer than that. 

We can request that a copy of the report will be sent to you as soon as it’s ready, otherwise it will be sent to Trudy Mills Aesthetics, and we will contact you to discuss the report with you once we have received it.


Will Map My Mole be able to diagnose cancer from the images? 

No. It’s important that you understand that it is not possible to diagnose any cancer from images, and a formal diagnosis requires a biopsy (sample removed under anaesthetic) and histological assessment. However, the consultant’s report can help us identify a suspicious mole that might need further investigation such as a biopsy. 

If you’re concerned about your mole or skin lesion, you should speak to your GP or another medical professional as soon as possible so that they can carry out further tests if needed.

Who is responsible for my care?

Map My Mole is providing the services to Trudy Mills Aesthetics, and there is no direct legal relationship between you and Map My Mole. Trudy Mills Aesthetics will be responsible for any reports, recommendations, and/or advice we provide, including after we’ve received the consultant’s report. 

If you have any other questions, or would like to get in touch...

Please contact me at or use the simple contact form here to get in touch.

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