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Trudy Mills opens her case study book for Halloween.


Meet Grizelda Grubhouse who came to us last month with multiple concerns - primarily surrounding signs of ageing - at a free consultation with Trudy Mills Aesthetics.




Wrinkles and deep set lines and folds have developed across different areas of the face, particularly on her forehead and around the eyes, nose and mouth which is not usual for a woman of her years  - she is 486 years of age after all. Grizelda, by her own admission, does not have any particular skincare routine - her nightly ritual is more likely to include pentagrams than pentapeptides. Without a reflection, and therefore unable to use a mirror, it is only with a recent crystal ball upgrade that she has been able to see her own face at all. Occasionally she has resorted to using lotions and potions of dubious origin and without clinical provenance. 


Lifestyle has also had an impact. Immortality, eternal damnation and a long career of wickedness have their downsides and have left their mark.


Grizelda frequently flies at altitude without protection in freezing temperatures, regularly visits the underworld, known for its hot, fiery climate and often indulges in long hours of batch cooking over an open fire. These extreme conditions have taken their toll on her complexion which, together with centuries without a skincare regime, have left her cursed with dry, flaky skin with an almost scaly, flakey feel and a curious greenish pigmentation.


Concentration over complicated recipes and complex incantations, and a propensity to scowl, have led to the development of frown lines, evenings spent cackling with friends have deepened crows’ feet (laughter lines) and a general downturned ‘resting witch face’ has exacerbated DAO (sad mouth), nasolabial folds and marionette lines.


Despite not being a smoker - she doesn’t even burn - after years of inhaling the souls of the virtuous,  Grizelda has developed ‘smokers’, or perioral lines.


Grizelda was non-committal in discussing her diet and nutrient intake and she eats lots of roasted chicken (we think she said ‘chicken’ - at one point we thought she said ‘children’).


On the plus side, Grizelda studiously avoids direct sunlight.





Following the consultation session with Grizelda, and drawing on her experience, expertise and an extensive toolkit, Trudy has provided the following treatment plan. 


Anti-Wrinkle Treatments : 3 Areas + Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Treatments


This will tackle the forehead, frown lines and laughter lines with advanced anti-wrinkles treatment of her bunny lines, DAO (Sad Mouth) and a lip flip to relax the muscles around her lips.


Dermal Fillers


Trudy recommends a programme of fillers to take care of the marionette lines and nasolabial folds, together with cheek fillers to add volume and soften the gauntness of her face, along with a little chin reshaping.


Skin Rejuvenation


A skin peel will take care of the flakey skin with a light micro needling session (as opposed to Vampire Facial) which will pierce the superficial layer of the skin - this will help to even out the pigmentation issues. Injectable Polynucleotides (a new era in medical aesthetics) will work wonders on Grizelda’s skin tone, restoring elasticity and improving the overall skin structure and will also help further reduce superficial fine lines and wrinkles and promote hydration.




A good topical skin care for maintenance is CellaDerma GF5 containing multiple growth factors suitable for all skin types (including witches!) and will also help to reduce any inflammation and aid healing after treatments.





Grizelda is delighted with the treatment plan although she has deferred the start of treatment to next month for fear of not being scary enough for Halloween. She has also referred 11 of her friends. The results will be visible in time for the Christmas party season with further improvements through the course of treatments lasting well into the new year.





Why not book yourself in for a free consultation to see for yourself how Trudy can help to transform your skin and reveal a fresh, revitalised, youthful you.


It isn’t witchcraft, but the results are magical.

No trick, just treatment.


Book your free aesthetics consultation today!

Disclaimer: This Case Study is entirely fictional and made up for a bit of fun for Halloween. For any witch hunters or trolls out there...


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